EPSON Archival Enhanced Matte Paper White 
( A great fine art matte looking print )

EPSON Metallic Glossy Premium Photo Paper 
( Adds a premium metallic glossy textured pop to your prints )

EPSON Cold Press Bright Textured Watercolor Matte 
( Makes your prints look hand painted! ) 

Exhibition Signature Worthy™ Canvas White Matte 
( On Real Canvas and comes stretched over wood frame, varnished and hang ready or in scroll form )



Museum-Quality Giclée EPSON HDR UltraChrome™ Archival Ink. 
Definitely the most vivid and best quality around.


All the papers next to each other can be viewed here:


Speaking of MATTE, my base paper I print on is one of the best, basic matte papers Epson sells, named EPSON Enhanced Matte. It is a very solid and great fine art media. Flexible but still sturdy. If you want your art to look more like a charcoal or fine-art matte black feel and cost is a major concern, then this is the paper for you.

Example images of matte paper (also the examples on this listing's photos)


The metallic paper is the new EPSON Glossy Metallic and adds a more premium and better looking option for your art. This is NOT a printed solid sheet of brushed metal or foil, it is is still a photo paper. It is a high gloss with a silvery mirrored reflective surface. The metal is a heavier weight paper with an infused metallic "film" layer on the outside. So I would say the paper resembles a flexible thick film instead of a standard photo paper. The film adds a silvery luster to it, that’s why it is actually called “pearlescent” - like a very subtle inner oyster shell. The metal is a more premium option, hence the price increase.  Generally it gives the colors and white/lighter areas a real strong “pop”. The darks/blacks are very dark and deep.

BE VERY CAREFUL HANDLING THIS PAPER it will dent and scratch very easily! I will not refund or accept returns for any damage you cause in removal and framing.

Example images of metallic paper (sorry camera can't do it justice)



I now offer a very cool and unique way to show off your art, especially my paintings! EPSON Cold Press Textured Watercolor Matte is a super high premium fine art media. In fact it is true artist's watercolor paper, you could paint right on it! So therefore it adds a very awesome textured, hand-painted feel to my art. Highly recommended for my paintings!

Example images of watercolor paper:


(Comes stretched over a wooden frame or as a hand made scroll)

Exhibition Signature Worthy™ Canvas White Matte is exactly what it says, my art printed on a real canvas fabric specially made for EPSON printing. You have 2 options for canvas prints - stretched over wood or a scroll. The stretched canvas is available in 8"x10" or 16"x20" sizes. Each stretched canvas is also glossy varnished, hand signed and has a metal tooth hanger on the back so it's ready to hang on the wall.

Canvas scrolls are a new and cool way to have larger pieces that look unique. Scrolls come in 18"x24" and for vertical designs I can also do 24"36" but for horizontal art I'm limited to 24"x18" size. Each scroll is hand made to order and take time - the wood is cut, sanded and walnut colored stained. Then the wood is glued pinching a varnished gloss canvas print in between. I include a jute rope loop on the top so you can hang the canvas from a nail or hook on your wall. I also hand sign each scroll bottom right corner.

Example images of canvas print surface: