Emotional, natural, expressive

Barrett's work focuses on nature surrealism and exploring darker realms that hint on macabre but don't stray too far from the light. Self taught and running on little more than too much coffee and passion, Barrett blends digital art painting and photographic techniques to make detailed traditional looking compositions. However there is no "one" style that defines him because his greatest joy in art is being able to experiment and play in new looks. He now is more engaged with dark art mixing with animals, nature and emotional subjects.

One of several digital art techniques used


Barrett also has art themed and inspired by classic film, games, anime, manga, Eastern culture and comics. He likes to pull in interesting and new styles/fusion to make art that pays homage to great popular works. One such hybridization is the use of classical art styles including Art Nouveau, Victorian, Futurism, Art Deco, Americana and even tribal ethnic elements. As a digital fine artist he focuses on displaying heavy emotion and lots of texture.

He also manages his own printing studio out of his home and his fine art archival prints are by far one of the most premium quality around. Apparel is a new world that Barrett is also now exploring and offers some of the best printed t-shirts available. By offering multiple papers including matte, metallic, watercolor and even canvas options along with multiple sizes of his work, Barrett has branched out to offer the typical collector a wide variety of styles and options of outstanding quality.

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